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mixed race doll biracial doll hispanic doll lexi the fresh dolls
Multicultural Fashion Doll LEXI The Fresh Dolls™

Multicultural Fashion Doll LEXI The Fresh Dolls™

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Lexi is a new addition to the Fresh Doll Family and is ready to turn heads!

She is not only a dancer at heart, but she loves science. Lexi is currently pursuing her studies in forensics science, and devoting her life to dance. She can't choose between the two, so she is pursuing both. Lexi grew up learning ballet, but she loves jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, and a little ballroom. Once off the dance floor and into the school lab, Lexi finds a lot of happiness in learning how to help solve investigations. Her dream is to one day become a lead forensics scientist, while owning her own studio to teach everyone her fresh moves!

She's wearing a pink off the shoulder sweater, blue denim shorts, and gold stilettos. 

  • This doll comes Brand New in the Box, waiting to be loved.
  • All Fresh Dolls stand approximately 11.5 inches tall (29.5 cm.), not including the hair.
  • They can bend and pose with articulated joints at the knees, hips, shoulders and elbows.
  • The head can turn from side to side.
  • We create African American, Biracial, Latino/Hispanic and Mixed race Multicultural dolls for girls and doll lovers.
  • Ages 3 and up; warning: small parts choking hazard; not for children under 3
  • All our dolls have washable hair


The Fresh Dolls were created for all children to see their beauty, intelligence and friends reflected through their toys. We not only specialize in creating African American dolls, but in designing a diverse line of mixed race and multicultural dolls. One of our goals is to create dolls with realistic waistlines and hips, that promote a healthy body image and self-love at a young age. All skin tones and features are carefully selected to make sure we are properly representing different cultures through our dolls.

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