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18" Doll Robe Fashion Pack - Positively Perfect™


Brand: The Fresh Dolls

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*Doll Sold Separately.

Get our new Flowers and Cheer Essential Workers 18" Doll Nurse scrubs! 

This cute cuddly coral bathrobe is simply adorable. It has a belt to wrap your doll in comfy, cuddly luxury.  Cute kitten ears crown the hood and wraps their face in “purrr-y” goodness.  It has the cutest little paw print pockets. This terry cloth ensemble is complete with cozy slippers with kitten face and ears.  This outfit is truly the cat’s meow!

 These cute robe fits all our 18" DIVAH dolls - Kennedy, Zair and Charlotte.

 Fashion Pack Description

  • 2-piece robe set for our Positively Perfect DIVAH 18” dolls includes soft plush robe with hood and slippers
  • Has Butterfly logo tag
  • Positively Perfect Fashion Packs fit 18” dolls
  • Designed to look like the real thing
  • Robe made with 85% polyester and 15% cotton. Cat Face image made with 15% Cotton 85% Polyester. 
  • Clothing can be hand washed with mild soap and cold water.
  • Ages 3 and up; warning: small parts choking hazard; not for children under 3
  • Created and designed for an infinite amount of mix and match possibilities!
  • Collecting The Positively Perfect Dolls™ and fashion sets make for more fun!  Add them all to your collection!



The Positively Perfect baby dolls were created by Dr. Lisa to help children identify their beauty early on at the tender age of 18 months and up.  This unique collection features beautifully designed multi-cultural baby dolls reflective of ethnicities found around the world - African American, Afro-Latina, Latino/Hispanic, Caucasian, and Mixed-Race/Bi-Racial.  They have custom one-of-a-kind face sculpts, custom blended skin tones, and a variety of washable, playable hair textures from afro-puffs to wavy and curly styles.

The Toddlers are created to nurture our youngest children.  They have soft, plush huggable bodies and are 14.5 inches tall.

The DIVAHs (Dignified-Intelligent-Valued-Aware-Humanitarian) are designed to be a child’s first best friend.  They stand 18 inches tall.  Positively Perfect Fashions include adorable outfits made for the DIVAH line.

Our Positively Perfect baby dolls foster endless hours of imagination for children during positive play.

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