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Positively Perfect™ AALIYAH Toddler Doll
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Positively Perfect™ AALIYAH Toddler Doll

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Brand: The Fresh Dolls

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We are over the moon excited that Aaliyah sold out due to popular demand, along with her other perfect friend, Kiara. Make sure to sign up and get notified when Aaliyah is back in stock! 

Meet Aaliyah! She's a beautiful star, shining her light for all to see. You will simply fall in love with Aaliyah's full hair of soft curly afro puffs, providing your little girl with hours of styling fun. Did we mention that her hair is washable? Well, it is!

Aaliyah also has a custom blended dark chocolate complexion, made to show true representation of all shades, when it comes to children around the world.

She was made for all the Black and Brown cuties around the world.

Aaliyah is the perfect friend for your little princess, with her soft huggable body. This makes her perfect to fall asleep with at night. 

Additional details about Aaliyah:

  • We create a diverse line of Multi-Cultural Dolls (African American, Afro-Latina, Latino/Hispanic, Caucasian, and Mixed-Race/Bi-Racial) loved by children of all ages.
  • Our sculpts are one-of-a-kind pieces of art with custom blended skin tones, authentic facial features of beautiful full lips, noses, and gorgeous eyes, and bodies more representative with fuller hips and thighs.
  • All Positively Perfect Toddler Dolls have soft washable hair for hours of brushing and styling fun
  • All Positively Perfect Toddler Dolls have a variety of hair textures and styles commonly worn by children from straight, to curly, to afros and afro puffs.
  • All Positively Perfect Toddler Dolls stand approximately 14.5 inches tall, not including the hair.
  • Toddler dolls have soft huggable bodies, perfect to fall asleep with at bedtime
  • Ages 3 and up; warning: small parts choking hazard; not for children under 3.


 Black dolls with natural hair Black girl magic

True representation matters when it comes to our dolls. 
Every little girl should be able to see their beauty and friends reflected back to them during play time.
Positively Perfect dolls - the perfect baby doll with true representation



The Positively Perfect™ baby dolls were created by Dr. Lisa to help children identify their beauty early on at the tender age of 18 months and up.  This unique collection features beautifully designed multi-cultural baby dolls reflective of ethnicities found around the world - African American, Afro-Latina, Latino/Hispanic, Caucasian, and Mixed-Race/Bi-Racial.  They have custom one-of-a-kind face sculpts, custom blended skin tones, and a variety of washable, playable hair textures from afro-puffs to wavy and curly styles.

The Toddlers are created to nurture our youngest children.  They have soft, plush huggable bodies and are 14.5 inches tall.

The DIVAHs (Dignified-Intelligent-Valued-Aware-Humanitarian) are designed to be a child’s first best friend.  They stand 18 inches tall.  Positively Perfect Fashions include adorable outfits made for the DIVAH line.

Our Positively Perfect baby dolls foster endless hours of imagination for children during positive play.

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