Dr. Lisa's Signature

Dr. Lisa's Signature

  • $20.00

Signed Collector's Doll

A hand-signed doll becomes a precious, personalized keepsake as well as a more valuable Special Collector's item. We receive many requests for Dr. Lisa to sign dolls for members of our Fresh Family.

Because our company is trying to grow, we have set up a new system to get items shipped out efficiently and signing a doll will require extra time and handling. We (the staff) have set a fee for Dr. Lisa's personal signature in spite of her protests. She is not allowed to make any exceptions, as much as she would like to -- or she will answer to us!

Add this selection to your cart along with your doll purchase, and we will make sure that Dr. Lisa signs the doll for you. If you want several dolls signed, you will need to add that same number of "Dr. Lisa's Signatures" to the cart.