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Black baby doll Kennedy Natural Curly Hair Doll
Black toddler baby doll Kennedy Natural Curly Hair Doll
Black baby doll Kennedy Natural Curly Hair Doll
Black doll Kennedy Natural Curly Hair Doll

Positively Perfect™ KENNEDY 18" Baby Doll


Brand: The Fresh Dolls

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Meet Kennedy! She is cute and has a full hair of beautiful bouncy curls. Kennedy loves all things purple. You can tell by her adorable purple top and glittery pom pom shoes.

She is bound to inspire your princess with hours of fun and creativity, from styling afro puffs to a curly updo. Did we mention that her hair is washable? Well, it is!

Kennedy has a custom blended deep chocolate complexion, made to show true representation of all shades, when it comes to children around the world. 

She was made for all Black and Brown cuties around the world.

Kennedy is the perfect curly friend for your little princess, with her soft huggable body. This makes her perfect to fall asleep with at night.

Additional details about Aaliyah:

  • They help to promote Self-Love by mirroring family and friends during playtime

  • Our dolls are made with Authentic variety of skin tones and physical features

  • They teach children to be more Caring and Compassionate

  • Our Dolls have a soft and Huggable body, perfect to fall asleep with at bedtime

  • They encourage little girls to love their beautiful skin, hair and all other physical features

  • Hair is Washable for more Hours of Styling Fun

  • The perfect gift and size for toddlers 18 months and older

  • Designed to easily endure play time as your child grows

  • 18" tall with ten feet of cuteness!

  • We create African American, Biracial, Hispanic and Multicultural dolls for all little girls.



      Meet Kennedy Positively Perfect baby doll with true representation


      True representation matters when it comes to dolls. 

      Every little girl should be able to see their beauty and friends reflected back to them during play time.

      Black baby dolls of all shades for true representation of their beauty and friends



      The Fresh Dolls were created for all children to see their beauty, intelligence and friends reflected during playtime. Not only do we specialize in creating African American dolls, but we also design a diverse line of Multicultural and Mixed dolls that reflect the world we live in. We believe a healthy body image is important. One of the ways we achieved this was by creating dolls with realistic waistlines and hips, that promote self-love at a young age. But what sets us apart is our special attention to skin tones and facial features, that are true representation of different ethnicities and cultures around the world.

      Thank you for seeing why this mission is so important and helping to transform how all children view their beauty and friends.

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