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black male doll fashion doll braids locs the fresh squad
black male doll fashion doll braids locs the fresh squad
black male doll fashion doll braids locs the fresh squad2
black male doll fashion doll braids locs the fresh squad3

The Fresh Squad DELUXE SET Doll - MALIK

SKU: 403-F18

Brand: The Fresh Dolls

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Meet Malik, he's the guy that everyone knows his name. He's laid back and has a great sense of style. Malik's skin tone is a beautiful medium walnut. What makes him unique is he has real braided hair, not to mention his cool goatee. He comes dressed in a pair of trendy denim jeans, white T-shirt, and red and black flannel shirt on top. To finish his look, he's rocking red studded fresh squad sneakers.

This Deluxe Set comes with an Exclusive Fresh Squad black bomber jacket, and a BRAND NEW Fresh Tech Laptop and cell phone!

Malik is the perfect addition to any Fresh Doll Family!


  • All Fresh Dolls stand approximately 12 inches tall, not including the hair.
  • They can bend and pose with articulated joints at the knees, hips, shoulders and elbows.
  • The head can turn from side to side.
  • We create African American, Biracial, Hispanic and Mixed race Multicultural dolls for girls, boys and doll lovers.
  • Ages 3 and up; warning: small parts choking hazard; not for children under 3



The Fresh Dolls were created for all children to see their beauty, intelligence and friends reflected through their toys. We not only specialize in creating African American dolls, but in designing a diverse line of mixed race and multicultural dolls. One of our goals is to create dolls with realistic waistlines and hips, that promote a healthy body image and self-love at a young age. We even carefully selected each skin tone and feature, to make sure we properly represent different ethnicities and cultures through our dolls. 

Thank you for seeing why this mission is so important and for supporting our brand.

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