FROGGY Fresh Doll Deluxe Set

  • $29.99


Introducing, the newest member of the Fresh Doll Family, the YouTube Sensation, Froggy from MyFroggyStuff!

Froggy Fresh is wearing stretch denim jeans paired with an Exclusive MyFroggyStuff T-shirt!! Hot Pink FreshDoll Sneakers and her signature Glasses. She comes in a Deluxe Set that features a super cute green cropped jacket, adorned with faux silver sequins, and white trim, and a pair of high waisted denim shorts for a fun second look!! 

Froggy wears her hair in long, black braids and comes with some ALL NEW Exclusive Fresh Doll Accessories, including a cute Fresh Backpack, Fresh Laptop, and even a cell phone!

Froggy makes any Doll craft look easy! Bring her home today so she can inspire you to Create Something Fresh and Fabulous!!

All Fresh Dolls stand approximately 11.5 inches tall (29.5 cm.), not including the hair. They can bend and pose with articulated joints at the knees, hips, shoulders and elbows. The head can turn from side to side.