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SNOW Faux Fur Coat Doll Fashion Pack
SNOW Faux Fur Coat Doll Fashion Pack

SNOW Faux Fur Coat Doll Fashion Pack

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*Doll & Jumpsuit sold separately.

Your Fresh Doll will be the center of attention in this snow colored faux fur coat! This faux fur coat comes in 2 color options - foxy and snow. Foxy faux fur coat sold separately.

  • Fresh Fashion Packs can fit any Fresh Doll
  • Created and designed for an infinite amount of mix and match possibilities!
  • Excite the imagination with our The Fresh Dolls™ doll clothing fashion packs.
  • Collecting The Fresh Dolls™ dolls and fashion sets make for more fun! Add them all to your collection!

*Doll & Jumpsuit sold separately.



The Fresh Dolls were created for all children to see their beauty, intelligence and friends reflected through their toys. We not only specialize in creating African American dolls, but in designing a diverse line of mixed race and multicultural dolls. One of our goals is to create dolls with realistic waistlines and hips, that promote a healthy body image and self-love at a young age. All skin tones and features are carefully selected to make sure we are properly representing different cultures through our dolls.

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