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The Fresh Dolls™ Sparkle N Camo Fashion Pack

The Fresh Dolls™ Sparkle N Camo Fashion Pack

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Sparkle N Camo. This camo will stand out! No blending into your surroundings when you are wearing this outfit. The sparkle and glittery jacket will certainly make a statement. The cute pink camo shorts make your doll the center of attention. Pair it with the high heel sandals, pink top and any doll will sparkle in all her freshness.

  • Fresh Fashion Packs can fit any Fresh Doll
  • Created and designed for an infinite amount of mix and match possibilities!
  • Excite the imagination with our The Fresh Dolls™ doll clothing fashion packs.
  • Collecting The Fresh Dolls™ dolls and fashion sets make for more fun! Add them all to your collection!

*Doll sold separately.

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