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#EssenceChallenge: Our Take on this Social Media Magazine Cover Trend

essence challenge magazine cover featuring the fresh dolls black dolls

As this trend explodes on Instagram and Twitter, we couldn't help but get excited to show off our dolls. 

We've seen everything from black couples showing off their union to beauty and fashion inspired covers. 

Here are our cover design for the #EssenceChallenge: 

#EssenceChallenge Black doll baby dolls the fresh dolls

This cover features Aaliyah from our Positively Perfect Doll line.


#EssenceChallenge Black doll baby dolls the fresh dolls Ebony

This cover features Ebony from the Fresh Dolls line.


#Esssencechallenge featuring black male dolls the fresh squad

Last but not least, our Black male dolls from the Fresh Squad.


Which one do you like the most?

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